Sad life story.

A four-year-old boy was locked in a dog kennel by his parents, and he was forced to drink urine.

The East Texas couple, Matthew and Randa McMahon have been arrested and charged with first-degree injury to a child and are being held on $200,000 bond.

Randa is the boy’s stepmother and reportedly withheld water from the child.

Court documents revealed that the boy was beaten with a stick until he bled.

Private detectives reported that Mr. McMahon supported how his son was treated.

Randa’s adult children confirmed that the 4-year-old would go for days without water and wouldn’t eat his meals.
They also claim the child was a trouble maker. He is only four, how much trouble could he be?

As adults, it is our responsibility to care for and support our children – not beat them until they bleed and make them drink urine.

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